Thursday, July 13, 2006

GIS/Geography Dissertations: Education & Women

Hoo-boy there are some fantastic PhD dissertations and Master theses written lately. I have been marking so many of them lately that I am starting to organize them into categories. The first two categories that I will list in this post are (1) Education and (2) Women.

These two topics seem to be popular these days among dissertation and theses-writing students. Why education? I think this is a great sign that future secondary and academic teachers are already thinking about GIS education during their studies. Why women and geography? Why not? Gender analysis has always been interesting, but I sure see fewer analysis on men than on women. Anyway, for those interested in women and GIS, see the GIS Lounge.

Previous lists include 11/05, 01/06, 01/06, 04/06




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Regards from SBL GIS Team,
Praveen (Marketing GIS)

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