Wednesday, November 02, 2005

GIS News: Feed Aggregator

The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries is pleased to announce a new web application that the Libraries have developed, called 'GIS News'. The purpose of this application is to enable the GIS community here at UTA to easily access up-to-the-hour news and events in the GIS world at large.

'GIS News' currently aggregates over 100 XML feeds (RSS and Atom) and sorts them into 14 categories. The content is updated every 60 minutes.

Here are some quick examples of the uses of this web application:

1. Most current GIS-related job opportunities:

2. Most recently published articles in GIS-related jouornals:

3. Most recent postings on various GIS-related public user forums:

4. Most current GIS-related news and press releases:
Yes, I know this in many ways duplicates Planet Geospatial, but as I stated here, "...this [must be] a great-minds-think-alike moment."

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