Saturday, October 22, 2005

Web-Based GIS News Aggregators: Planet Geospatial

James Fee, Spatially Adjusted blogger, has just developed a web-based GIS news aggregator called 'Planet Geospatial.' This is a fantastic resource that I think many folks will take advantage of.

Now, I find this extremely coincidental. Is this a great-minds-think-alike moment?

Well, we have just finished development of a similar concept that we were going to release next week. Our project, un-fantastically called (for the moment) 'GIS News', can be viewed on our test server here. We might play around with the documentation/help a bit this weekend, but I will post here when the project is shifted over to our production server. The purpose for the development of this project is to help the growing GIS community on campus keep up to date with the exciting world of GIS.

Yes, this is the project we were working on when our custom-created aggregator was set to pull feed content in every 5 minutes. Sorry about that. We now have it set to pull fresh content every hour. Please comment here if this is still too unreasonable.