Sunday, November 06, 2005

'GIS News' Enhancements

We have created two features which will enhance the 'GIS News' feed aggregator site.

1. There is now a default feed that appears when the page is first loaded called 'GIS News - Librarian's Picks'. This feed will consist entirely of hand-selected entries by the GIS Librarian (me) as a way to help the GIS community here at UT Arlington sift through the ever-growing number of GIS news resources on the Net.

2. The problem with the pages taking too long to load has been resolved by replacing all pictures and multimedia linked from the individual feeds with a small png image that simply reads 'IMAGE'. Everything should be much faster now.


Anonymous said...

Can you enhance this so that I can mark a post as 'read'.

Each time I visit the site, posts I've already read show up.


mapz said...

Unfortunately, no. The only way to do that is to create a customizable portal where different users log in and view only the posts that they have not previously read.

There are some great free services that allow for this. I use Bloglines myself. I have not tried the new Google Reader yet, but it should have this customizable functionality as well.

I think the unique use of the 'GIS News' site is the ability to create static (permanent) links to particular categories, as shown here.