Friday, October 07, 2005

Measure of Success: Increase GIS Use

How does a GIS Librarian measure success? Well, here is one way...Documented increase in GIS use on campus.

Well, this happened this wek. I held an open demo entitled "Health Care Administration: Where to Open a New Hospital in the Metroplex and What Services to Offer?" a couple of weeks ago and this went well. Last week I repeated the demo for a graduate Nursing Informatics course. The nursing folks are all pumped up about GIS now and the work order is in to install GIS on the computers in the main computer lab in the College of Nursing, as well on the desktops of a handful of professors. I am set to go over and do an additional demo for the nursing faculty next week.

Now I am going to just sit back, put my feet up, smile, and take a breather for a bit this morning. Which of course is what I am doing right now.......

Oh, and the School of Social Work, which has its own complex of buildings on the extreme north side of campus, now also has GIS installed in SWEL, the Social Work Electronic Library.