Friday, October 07, 2005

Creating Metadata: Who Has the Time?

As I reported here and here, we recently finished up the creation of our metadata search called GeoSpat (Geospatial Catalog). Well, initial development is complete, but I have an overwhelming pile of data that needs to be included in GeoSpat. Who will create the FGDC metadata records? Who can fit it in to their busy schedules?

Initially, the Cataloging department donated a library assistant who would devote some hours each week to GIS metadata creation. This did not go as well as planned because the learning curve to understand the spatial data and GIS were too great. I found it easier on my time to just go ahead and create the metadata myself. But this was during the summer. We are now deep in the heart of the fall semester and I am pulling a number of extra hours just to keep up with my non-GeoSpat responsibilities. So, this week I started to turn to my work study student assistant. (I supervise 1 GRA and 1 work study). She has proven extremely capable with everything that I have thrown at her so far and this also has been going well so far.

To be perfectly honest, we are not coming anywhere close to creating full-FGDC compliant records, and are much closer to the absolute minimal. It still takes just so much time...

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