Monday, January 29, 2007

ArcMap2GMap v.2

Just completed a major revision of ArcMap2GMap, the Python script that converts shapefiles from ArcMap to the HTML/JavaScripts necessary to overlay the layers on top of a Google Map. To download the file, see the ArcScripts entry. See here for the initial release of ArcMap2GMap last year.

An example of a webpage generated by ArcMap2GMap can be viewed here.

The scripts, VBA, HTML, and JavaScripts were written by myself and Kaushal Gala, my GRA who has since gone on to bigger and brighter things.

Here is a brief description (see the readme file for more details):

ArcMap2GMap converts shapefiles to Google Map overlays, including all HTML and JavaScript files necessary to run. The generated HTML file includes the following functionality: multiple layers visible/invisible, geocoding, proximities (top 10 closest visible points), and driving directions.

Converts point shapefiles, polyline shapefiles, and polygon shapefiles. Handles polygons with multipart and/or donut holes (inner circles). Options include the ability to simplify polylines (and polygons) to minimize the number of vertices Google Maps needs to render.

To Run:

Extract the contents directly to the C:\ drive. This will create the following directory: C:\ArcMap2GMap. Then launch the C:\ArcMap2GMap\ArcMap2GMap.mxd ArcMap project file.

Requires ArcGIS Desktop 9.1 Not tested yet on 9.2.

Developed by the University of Texas at Arlington Library: GIS Program ( Please direct all comments to