Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Canadian Electoral District Maps

The 2004 Federal Electoral District Maps (Canada) are available for free download from Geogratis.

Via: University of Saskatchewan Library: Data Library News Blog

Of course this is part of that great Geogratis site that I wish I knew about when I was working in Buffalo, NY. Anyone needing good national-level spatial datasets for Canada can find loads of good stuff at the Geogratis site.

Check out their Data Archive....


Anonymous said...

Hi there
Great Blog. I'm a GIS Research Assistant at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Your blog has been a real help to me as I am involved in a border air quality study here. I have to often hunt for accurate USA and Canadian data sources.

Just to follow up on your post here - I use two sources primarily:
ESRI Media Kit 2005 for American basemap datasets, available here at the University as a result of having ArcGIS licences. Streets, Census data, parks, you name it, it's there.

CDN data: DMTI Spatial's CanMap Streetfile product. UBC has a licence agreement with DMTI so anyone with a UBC library card can download it for free. It lacks decent metadata with the shapefiles (unlike the ESRI MK) but a data manual explains where the datasets (land use, raods, cencus, parks, etc) are sourced from. I think most of what you can source on Geogratis can be found in this data product.

Here's some more details:
# Over 20,000 Populated Placenames
# Topographic coverage of 157 urban areas as of the 1996 Census
# Street centerline road network, names and address ranges
# Topographic features
# Regional & Municipal boundaries
# 6 cartographic classifications
# Major roads and highways as a separate layer and cartographically distinguishable from other streets
# Canada/US border crossings (point of entry) - including name of US road linking to Canadian roads across the border
# GPS - ready high positional accuracy
# Workspace/Project to open all files with zoom layering

Our UBC Geographic Data Holdings:

CCAer said...

If its free Canadian geospatial your looking for, the CCABlog has a listing of some sources. Check out the blog posting at

mapz said...

CCaer, of course you are quite correct and thank you for the link. I came across this particular site yesterday and had an impulse to blog about it as I suddenly felt nostalgic about the wintry north.

Would you believe that the reason I have been blogging so much has been because of snow days?? Down here in Texas? Well, the campus does not open today either... It's hilarious.

CCAer said...

Snow days here are vaguely defined as a day in which more than 20 or 30 cm (8 - 12 inches) falls. I doubt if that's the case in Texas. Don't get too nostalgic for the Great White North - I'm sure you don't feel that way in March or even April when it can still be wintry.