Friday, May 19, 2006

Position: Head, John R. Borchert Map Library - University of Minnesota

Head, John R. Borchert Map Library - University of Minnesota

via: MAPS-L

"The University of Minnesota Libraries seeks innovative and energetic applicants for the position of Head, John R. Borchert Map Library, one of the largest and most heavily used academic map libraries in the nation."

Wow! Now, this is one of the most exciting new positions I have seen...And there have been quite a lot of late. What else is there to say about this position? Fantastic map library. Fantastic GIS resources. Fantastic geography department. GPO map depository. It is virtually impossible not to explore this position with some longing.

Here are some snippets about the John R. Borchert Map Library:
  • "...award-winning Automated Cartographic Information Center (ACIC), a state-of-the-art GIS facility with 10 workstations providing access to a wealth of geospatial data and a comprehensive set of software programs."
  • "...houses a collection of 350,000 maps representing five centuries of cartography, 400,000 aerial photographs, and a substantial atlas and reference collection."
  • "...supports the University of Minnesota's top-ranked Geography Department, in addition to drawing researchers from across the campus and the general public."
Here are some snippets about the position duties:
  • "Develop, maintain, and preserve collections in the field of Geography; serve as liaison to the Geography Department; participate in Geography Department programs and functions; manage and expend Borchert Map Library Endowment Fund in consultation with Geography Department chair."
  • "The successful candidate will also collaborate with other Academic Programs departments to extend and enhance the Libraries' role in campus-wide GIS activities."
Unfortunately, no mention of a salary. Anyone needing a position in GIS/Maps librarianship should not pass this opportunity up.

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