Thursday, May 11, 2006

North American Regional Science Council: Proceedings Search

The North American Regional Science Council (NARSC) is "an international scholarly organization that focuses on regional analysis, ranging from urban and spatial theory to applied problems in regional development, sustainability, environmental management, and rural land use."

Just discovered (via: Openspace) that the NARSC provides a searchable archive of their 2005 annual conference. No full-text, unfortunately, but full bibliographic information is provided, as well as full contact information and descriptive abstracts. A PDF is also provided (404 pages) containing all papers. As is evident from the NARSC's desciption (above), there are lots of great papers here focusing on geospatial analysis.

Many of the advanced users of GIS here at UT Arlington are graduate students in the School of Urban & Public Affairs GIS Certificate Program. The capstone project for this certification is an independent study course. I see many of these students early in the semester looking for ideas. This is a great resource that I will show to them in addition to the resources we currently peruse (previous projects, Masters theses, journals, etc...).

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