Monday, April 10, 2006

Position: Social Sciences Data Librarian (Rutgers University)

Social Sciences Data Librarian - Rutgers University at New Brunswick (New Jersey)
"Rutgers University Libraries seeks a librarian to be the primary resource person for the planning and delivery of numeric data services for governmental and non-governmental sources."
This appears to be a fantastic opportunity for GIS and other data librarians with a strong interest in the social sciences. This seems to be a trend to include GIS as a subset of the services provided by data librarians. This is a very good thing as the novelty of GIS in and of itself is wearing off and it is taking its rightful place within the realm of data and statistics.

No mention of the salary range.

Here are some snippets:
  • Responsible for continued development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services including consultation and data acquisition to support teaching and research.
  • Responsible for the development of archival and user support services for numeric data in various electronic formats.
  • Experience...using statistical packages such as SPSS or SAS required.
  • Working knowledge of metadata standards for data such as DDI, Geographic Information Systems software packages such as ArcView and ArcIMS.

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