Thursday, March 09, 2006

Position: USGS & NASA

Two great library positions have recently come across my screen. Neither mention GIS, but it would be really fantastic to work for either of these federal agencies. The salaries for both of these positions are very competitive (which is nice). The USGS position is much more sexy to me, but this can be the greater position detail. I can just sit here and imagine all the great tidbits of data and info that I the successful candidates of these positions would be privy to, eh?

1. Librarian GS-1410-14 (KR-MP) - Interior, US Geological Survey - Fairfax, VA
"Formulates management policy and plans concerning the management of the USGS Library System. Responsible for coordinating system-wide collection development, management, and preservation of materials in all formats and media, ranging from printed books, maps, photographs, and field records to electronic journals and databases. Incumbent is also responsible for maintaining a current knowledge of the science programs and activities of USGS, principles and techniques of information science and management, and library user requirements. Represents the USGS in advancing library objectives, coordinating all library operations, and maintaining liaison with appropriate personnel in the Department of the Interior, other Federal libraries, and non-Federal earth and biological science libraries."
2. Librarian (Digital Media) - NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center - Prince George's, MD
"Evaluates and implements programs for improving and expanding availability of library services. Reviews contractor progress in customer service and innovation; establishes and institutes mechanisms to evaluate quality, effectiveness and timeliness of contractor service delivery."