Monday, March 20, 2006

GeoDa - New Online Help System

GeoDa, my spatial statistics application of choice, recently launched a new online help system at (Another good free spatial statistics application is STARS).

Via: Openspace Listserv.

GeoDa is created by the famous Luc Anselin, director of the Spatial Analysis Laboratory at the University of Illinois. How famous?, you ask? Anselin has made numerous breakthroughs and published numerous articles on spatial statistics and autocorrelation, including the textbook Spatial Econometrics: Methods and Models. Go ahead and boot up ArcMap, scroll down the ArcToolbox menu, expand Spatial Statistics Tools / Mapping Clusters and check out Outlier Analysis: Anselin Local Moran's I.

Why do I recommend GeoDa to all students and faculty who need to conduct spatial statistics/analysis? Without a doubt, it is the extensive documentation provided on the website: There are freely available manuals, tutorials, publications, and presentations. In particular, the 244 page Exploring Spatial Data with GeoDa: A Workbook is a thorough step-by-step guide that provides a solid background to both the fundamentals of spatial statistics as well as how to apply these fundamentals using the free GeoDa application. We have two printed copies of this workbook in the main GIS lab in the library.

In the past, Anselin has offered summer workshops, but there is still no word if he will be offering such workshops this year.

For a brief overview of the spatial statistics capabilities within ArcGIS, check out the ESRI Training Seminar: Understanding Spatial Statistics in ArcGIS 9. This freely viewable seminar is very well done.

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