Saturday, January 07, 2006

Why I Blog...

Vector One's (Jeff Thurston's) blog entry 'On Blogging' prompted me to set pen to paper (tips to keys) about how I would classify this blog and my reasons for blogging.

Looking through the five categories in the 'On Blogging' entry, this blog fits into number three, as the content here is almost entirely original. However, I am uncertain that the description provided ("Strives for original content, links to existing content in exceptional circumstances to support original content. Opinionated. Perceptive.") fits this blog as well as it fits Vector One. I think my blog also serves as a professional journal/diary of major activities that I am a part of. A running memoir?

That was easy, but why-o-why do I blog? This is a theme that has been thrown around quite a bit throughout the library blogosphere (for example). I enjoy blogging immensely, sure, but why?

[After some thought...] For me it must be the sense of self and purpose that is the greatest benefit of socializing...and of course this is what I am doing here. Sure I am quite shy and reserved in both the real world and the electronic, but writing this blog and reading countless other blogs is my way of communicating with all of you (and if you have actually read this far down, we sure are communicating, and how...). By shouting out all of my ideas right here on the public net, I feel validated. It is very satisfying. Each day I look forward to squeezing out some space in which I can sit and read some blogs and perhaps even write a blog entry myself.

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Girish Gangadharan said...

Glad to know that you enjoy blogging :) Even if you stop (enjoying it, that is), please think of avid readers like me and continue blogging to keep us happy.

Selfish subscriber,