Thursday, January 19, 2006

Position: Social Sciences Librarian. Swarthmore College

Social Sciences Librarian. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Granted, GIS is not in the title, but they do state "...working with the campus Information Technology Services department to support GIS applications for the college."

I like the sound of this position. Listen to this snippet: "...has responsibility for supporting government and nongovernmental data in multiple formats and for assisting users in the access, manipulation, and analysis of the data." Also, I have been to this part of Penn. before, right outside of Philly, and it is beautiful. They do not mention the salary.


Jeremy said...

Swarthmore is nice...We did some geostatistical clustering and visualization work a few years back with a robotics prof there. Very cool. The houses are beautiful in that area, but very expensive.


mapz said...

Yes, it is very nice and very expensive. I had a friend at one time that went to Bryn Mawr and I would go down and visit periodically. Old, ivy covered buildings, beautiful old houses, certaintly not like down here in the heart of... ;) I was actually thinking about the cost of living when I pointed out the lack of salary information...

Anonymous said...

Swarthmore's HR site does include salary info - (Min. $4,022/month)

mapz said...

Hey, thanks for pointing this out. That turns out to be about 48k per year. As far as librarian salaries go, this is quite good.

Be careful're giving me thoughts...

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