Sunday, January 08, 2006

ArcIMS Services Viewer: e-MapNet

e-MapNet is a freely available map viewer that supports ESRI's ArcIMS services. Created by e-Soft, an Italian company.

Came across this ArcIMS services viewer via comp.soft-sys.gis.esri.

It is a bit buggy, but it works as reported. It does not support WMS protocol, but the website states that this will be available in the next version. Another downside is that it is developed in .Net, and so will only work on Windows.

What I really do like about this little application is its size (546 kb unzipped) and that it runs without an installation requiring user permissions. At any time, students, professors, or even I can download this little app and run it from any of the computers on campus. For me, this makes it worth remembering.

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