Sunday, November 20, 2005

UB Geosciences Blog: Resources & Publications

Michele Shular, Geosciences Librarian at the University of Buffalo (my alma mater), maintains a blog entitled Compass-Point News @ UBLib. The description is:
A navigation through geographic resources at UB Libraries, pointing you in the right direction.
Michele does a good job posting about new GIS-related publications for the UB community, and I for one will also be monitoring the blog to keep myself up to date as well.

Excluding my blog, this makes the second GIS-related blog coming out of a library that I have yet found. The other is COMPASS: out of the Government Documents and Maps department of Fenwick Library. I originally posted about this blog here. Should I rethink the name of my blog to include the word 'compass' in it? Well, I reckon the purpose is quite different.

These three library-based blogs (including my own) can be found at the 'GIS News: Library Blogs' page (updated every hour).

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