Tuesday, November 22, 2005

GIS Day/Tech Fair 2005 Review

Click here for photo.

Well, the GIS Day 2005 / Techfair festivities last Wednesday worked out great.

The Friday Night Hangout has proven to be as successful as I had hoped. (Of course you can still participate to see where you should hang out this Friday night here.) The success of this project is its ability to continue to get folks excited about GIS even 1 week after the event. I am still getting emails from students and faculty telling me that they just added themselves to the map after hearing about it from a friend or colleague.

This is the first web-based geoprocessing application that I ever developed, and after this response there is no doubt that I will develop more. Especially now that I am bit further up that learning curve. The possibilities become almost limitless. I can now take many of the workshops that I have created and create web applications. The military path workshop that I am holding this afternoon? No problem. I can use a similar ASP form, and the results can be displayed in either ArcIMS or Google Maps again. I have the blueprints in my mind for a short script that can export a polyline directly from a feature class to a Google Maps polyline. I think developing at least one more web-based geoprocessing application will be my big project for Summer 2006...I can't wait for summer to get here fast enough.

In the photo (I finally signed up for a Flickr account) Heather, a student assistant who works with me, is guiding a fellow student through the Friday Night Hangout form. Heather is the best. Isn't the poster too cool? Ms. Candy has such a way with fun designs.