Thursday, November 03, 2005

American Housing Survey - 2004 Select Cities

The U.S. Census just released the 2004 data from the American Housing Survey.
Provides data on housing and household characteristics from the American Housing Survey. Data is presents on the total housing inventory including new construction and vacant units; on total occupied housing units; on owner-occupied housing units; on renter-occupied housing units; on occupied housing units with a Black householder, and on occupied housing units with householder of Hispanic origin.

In addition, the report covers such subjects as: data on external building conditions; number of rooms; complete bathrooms; kitchen and laundry equipment; main heating equipment; fuel used for heating, cooking, and central air-conditioning; plumbing equipment and failures; and opinions of the structure and neighborhood.

The AHS is released each year for select cities. This year the Texas city is San Antonio.

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