Friday, September 30, 2005

Daytime vs. Nighttime Population Counts

The daytime and nighttime population counts in Dallas vary a great deal. The population is much higher in the daytime, and drops to almost nothing at night.

In the past, I have steered users interested in distinguishing between day/night counts to the Zipcode Business Patterns as this provides the number of employees per zip code. However, a Landscape Architecture professor and some of his assistants need these counts on the block group level. I know of no freely available resource, so we turned to the AGS (Applied Geographic Solutions) BusinessCounts Daytime Population product.

This product is not the cheapest, but it is manageable. However, Spatial Insights offers a product called AGS Premium, which provides steep discounts for AGS data if bought in this premium package. The discounts are so cheap, that we went ahead and purchased the AGS Premium package.

I am now anxiously waiting for the data to arrive.... Just like this day, nothing makes me happier at work than accessing a new package of bright & shiny datasets.

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