Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Library GIS Blog: geoLibro (Purdue University)

Just came across geoLibro, a new blog to enter the geospatial-library blogosphere. From the blog description, "let this blog document the installation of library-centric GIS services at Purdue University."

The initial post, dated June 1, states that Purdue Libraries is looking to create these library-centric GIS services pretty much from the ground up. Their new GIS Librarian, who authors this blog, starts at Purdue in August. I am sure going to keep up with this blog to see how Purdue Library goes about setting up their "pimped-out desktop machines...[and] also a server to run ArcSDE and ArcIMS..."

Do GIS Librarians have the best jobs out there, or what? ... What? Eh? ... Salary not so good, you say? Well sure, but the job is so much fun and rewarding that it is all worth it.

Here are the GIS library and other academic lab blogs that I monitor (copy/pasted from my blogroll listed on the right):

GIS Libraries & Labs


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